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Yuri, adventurous
Manager en hôtellerie
Bachelor in International
Hotel Management
Directeur en hôtellerie
MBA in International
Hotel Management

Like Yuri,
go international

Aged 17, Yuri has a thirst for freedom. Attracted by the great wide world, he will soon be tempted by an experience on a Vatel campus. And why not on the other side of the globe?

Comme Clément, vivez à l’heure internationale

23 destinations to choose from to pursue an MBA

At the end of the Bachelor program, Vatel gives you the choice of continuing in a Vatel school which offers the MBA program (list below). It's up to you to determine the country, the city and the language in which you wish to pursue and to discuss your plan with the Academic Department of the school!

Pays Ville Langue(s) d’enseignement
Argentine Buenos Aires Espagnol
Bahreïn Bahreïn Anglais
Belgique Brussels Français / Anglais
Chine Suzhou Anglais
France Bordeaux Français / Anglais
Lyon Français
Nantes Français
Nîmes Français / Anglais
Paris Français
Ile Maurice Quatre-Bornes Français / Anglais
Ile de le Réunion Saint-Paul Français
Madagascar Antananarivo Français
Malaisie Kuala Lumpur Anglais
Maroc Marrakech Français
Monténégro Podgorica Anglais
Rwanda Kigali Anglais
Singapour Singapore Anglais
Suisse Martigny Français / Anglais
Tunisie Tunis Français
Turquie Istanbul Anglais
USA Los Angeles Anglais
San Diego Anglais


Vatel gives students the opportunity to spend their second year on one of the 54 Vatel campuses, anywhere in the world.
This is the chance for the students to discover a different country and a new culture, as well as learning an extra foreign language while continuing their studies.

Marco Polo, le programme d’échange étudiants exclusif à Vatel

The school year is validated and the ECTS credits are awarded. The students can also do their internship in the host country.

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Anna, ambitious
Yuri, adventurous
Andreas, hyperactive
Nikolas, versatile
Anastasia, optimistic
Maria, joyful